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Reference projects

The CTR Group is no newcomer to Dresden. The company has already built over 500 apartments and more than 5,000 square meters of commercial space. Among other things, the CTR Group owns and operates the serviced apartments “Residenz am Zwinger” and has realized prominent projects in the city center on Wallstraße with the “Haus Merkur”, the “Boulevard am Wall” and the “Altmarkt Emporen”. The Group is also active in Regensburg, as well as in Prague and in Košice (Slovakia), where it has successfully built more than 2,100 apartments and commercial properties with around 40,000 square meters of space.

Residenz am Zwinger, Dresden

189 flats for sale and rent, retail space, restaurant
Completed: 2016

Marina Apartments, Regensburg

79 flats for rent, restaurant
Completed: 2019

Boulevard Am Wall I, Dresden

117 flats for sale, retail space
Completed: 2019

Boulevard Am Wall II, Dresden

170 flats for sale, retail space
Completed: 2020

Haus Merkur, Dresden

62 flats for sale, commercial space
Completed: 2016

Albertov Rental Apartments, Prague

269 flats for rent, business centre with restaurant
Completed: 2008

Business Centre Kosice I und II, Kosice

18,000 m² office and retail space
Completed: 2010

Kosice Rental Apartments, Kosice

149 flats, 16,000 metres of office and retail space
Completed: 2020

Rezidencia pri Radnici, Kosice

359 flats, doctors’ surgeries and commercial space
Completed: 2018

Viktoria Center, Prague

202 flats, 3,600 m² office and retail space
Completed: 2021