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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Purchasing a property at Marina Garden in Dresden is an opportunity that will not be repeated again. This place is a last spot on this side of the Elbe river that can be used to build such a project and is close enough to the city center.
  2. Marina Garden project offers its clients incomparable finishing standard. First of all, the façade that is mainly glass (more than 90 percent), therefore the natural light within the apartments is very significant. Second, the cooling ceilings give you a chance to efficiently control the climate within the apartment. Last but not least, the flooring and tilling reflects the high standard we have set for the project.
  3. During the last 12 months, no significant project has been started in Dresden, therefor we expect a shortage in the apartment market and consequently also a price increase leap.
  4. You can move into your own apartment very shortly after buying it, or you can rent it out – Marina Garden is already over 80 % complete!
  5. You can still benefit from attractive payment conditions until June: 0 % down payment upon notarization of the deed of sale (when only a small fee EUR 1 000 per room is required) / 100% final payment upon handover of the apartment in June 2024.
  6. Owning your own property is a good and secure way to provide for your retirement.
  7. You are not at the mercy of rent increases or notices of cancellation by a landlord.
  8. Thanks to energy-efficient construction, you save money on utility costs.
  9. Marina Garden Dresden is connected to the district heating, you are not dependent on political decisions regarding energy transition.
  10. If you rent out your property, you get the benefit of higher tax depreciation.
  11. When you buy a newly built property, a five-year warranty gives you extensive protection.
  1. If you are in the market for newly built projects right now, this property has exactly what you are looking for. Wait another year or two and you won’t find an opportunity like this again – there won’t be many new projects and those already under construction will be forced to be halted. In Marina Garden you invest in properties that are nearly completed, which you can move into or rent out almost immediately after payment. If you book a visit and come for a viewing and consultation appointment on site, we will show you that part of the complex that is already completed – 80% of the project – so that you can see the benefits for yourself.
  2. CTR is a well-established construction company and is not new to the market. The sustainable, robust and visually appealing design has already won over many customers. The low utility costs and the connection to district heating are just some of the advantages for the buyer.
  3. Since the Leipziger Vorstadt neighborhood has already been developed but is not yet fully built up, you can expect the value of your property to increase in the future. Now is exactly the right time to buy what is probably the last property directly on the Elbe in the Dresden city center!
  1. We have not experienced any construction delays with Marina Garden Dresden and can currently guarantee that the apartments will be ready for occupation in June 2024.
  2. If you decide to buy an apartment today, you are not burdened with the usual large down payment, you can rent out or move into your dream property immediately after paying the final instalment – currently 80% of the purchase price.
  1. Marina Garden Dresden is already over 80 % complete. This means that the interior work in buildings A, C and D is almost complete and building B will be completed in February. The outdoor facilities will be finalized between May and September 2024.
  2. Dressler Bau, the general contractor, is currently on schedule to hand over the property to the developer in April 2024.
  3. In other words, there are only a few weeks left until the entire construction project will be finished.
  4. CTR Marina Garden GmbH only went for sale during a very advanced stage of the construction project. For you, this means minimal risk – something that is not common in the current market situation.
  1. The CTR Group is currently offering you as a buyer spectacularly attractive payment terms: After notarization and priority notice of conveyance, you pay 0% downpayment, with the remaining 100% due after handover of the apartment in June 2024. You only pay a small fee EUR 1 000 per room upon the reservation contract signature.
  2. These favorable payment terms are only available until June 2024. Act quickly – make sure you don’t miss out on this offer!
  1. CTR Group has built many successful development projects in Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
  2. This company has more than a 40-year history in various business areas. It is a subsidy of CTR Holding Assets GmbH that is located in Lustenau, Austria.
  3. The three business sub-areas are also reflected in the company’s name: C stands for cement and building materials (cement), T for transport and R for real estate.
  4. CTR is an experienced property developer in Dresden and has already completed several construction projects. The well-known properties include the “Residenz am Zwinger”, “Boulevard am Wall I and II” on Postplatz and now the “Marina Garden Dresden” directly on the Elbe.
  1. The latest developments in the Leipziger Vorstadt neighborhood of Dresden bring good news for both owner-occupiers and investors. The city of Dresden plans to expand the Alter Leipziger Bahnhof (the old train station) and make it available to local residents as a cultural and leisure center. This will enhance the entire area and have a positive impact on your investment. There really is no other neighborhood so close to the city center that can currently boast such promising future prospects.
  2. The infrastructure around Marina Garden Dresden is ideal for families and equally well suited for business people, singles and couples. The popular Pieschener Gymnasium (grammar school) is located almost directly opposite the development. If you need to travel further, the tram stop at Alexander-Puschkin Platz is a mere 2-minute walk from the complex. For those who prefer a more sporty commute, simply hop on a bike and take the popular Elbe cycle path that runs right past the development in the direction of Radebeul or Dresden as far as Pirna. Shopping and everyday necessities are all within a walking distance. Commuters use the 10-minute access to the motorway via the Elbepark Dresden or the Dresden Neustadt train station, which is 5 minutes away.

Utility costs are currently calculated at EUR 3-4 per square meter. Triple-glazed windows, covered loggias and screens provide you with sufficient cooling in summer and protect you from the cold in winter.

The construction of the Marina Garden Dresden fulfils the KfW55 energy efficiency standard and has a final energy consumption of 54.7 kWh.

  1. The innovative cooling ceilings, which are installed in all living rooms and bedrooms, can be individually controlled and offer you an optimal room climate for your own personal feel-good temperature. This makes it possible for you to lower the room temperature by up to 5 degrees on hot days.
  2. The triple-glazed wooden windows are a top-quality feature, protecting you from high energy losses in winter and from excessive heating of the rooms in summer.
  3. The floor-to-ceiling windows, the matt-sealed real wood parquet flooring and the floor-to-ceiling large bathroom tiles, as well as the screens for shading your rooms are further upscale features in Marina Garden Dresden.
  1. Just a stone’s throw away, the trendy neighborhood of Dresden Neustadt is alive with a variety of authentic independent stores, bars and charming cafés. The neighboring Alte Schlachthof Dresden is host to a wide variety of cultural and social events. Two blocks down you have the opportunity to stop off at the popular Citybeach for beach volleyball or cocktails on summer evenings.
  2. The landscaped park-like grounds that form part of the complex are there for your enjoyment. Children from the neighborhood have access to a playground between the Elbe cycle path and building C.
  3. The green inner courtyard is a secluded area offering plenty of privacy with a small water playground and plenty of seating to add to residents’ quality of life. Plentiful shrubs and bushes protect the residents on the ground floor and at the same time provide a tranquil atmosphere for relaxation in the hustle of everyday life.

You can purchase an underground parking space as an option and the basement storage areas are included in the purchase price of each apartment.. Approximately half of our parking spaces come with an electrical connection so that you can charge your electric car directly in the underground car park. Depending on your individual needs and availability, you may purchase one or more parking spaces.

There are plenty of places to park your bicycle, both in the underground car park under buildings A to D and outside. There is a socket in your separate basement storage area to charge your e-bike’s battery. We also provide our buyers with a total of 16 cargo bike parking spaces in the underground car park, which can be purchased separately.

Marina Garden Dresden is equipped with a fiber optic network connection. The connection runs directly to each apartment and from there into each living room and bedroom.

  1. The area around Leipziger Straße in Dresden is a part of the flood zone and was flooded during the historic flooding of 2002. We have taken number of precautions to protect the property and your apartment. The underground car park is a so-called “white tank” and is protected from rising water on all sides. The central underground car park entrance can only be accessed from Leipziger Straße. As a further precaution, there are no additional side entrances to the underground car park. The ventilation shafts are raised. The entrance to the underground car park can be barricaded in the event of flooding and thus completely closed off.
  2. The site slopes down towards the Elbe and reaches its highest point in the center of the inner courtyard between all four buildings.
  3. The entire property is protected by these precautions up to a flood level of around 9.24 meters.
  1. We have two show apartments available to our prospective tenants. One is on the 4th floor in building C facing the Elbe, and one is on the 3rd floor in building D facing the inner courtyard.
  2. Both show apartments have been completed and can be viewed by appointment with our consultant Mrs. Helena Raupach.
  3. As the entire property is scheduled for completion in May 2024, the interior work in most of the apartments is already well under way. It is therefore worth taking a look at the apartments that you are specifically interested in. This will give you an authentic impression of all the apartments, including the furnishing details, views and lighting conditions.

An appointment by video or WhatsApp call can be arranged for prospective buyers living outside Dresden. We can also send you individual video clips of the apartment you are interested in. Please contact our consultant Mrs. Helena Raupach for individual arrangements via one of the communication options.